Problems with building digital products


"Extended time-to-production”

Lead times are increased at every step of the delivery cycle, from development to release trough:

  • Manual tasks vs automation
  • Not enough collaboration between teams that have historically worked in silos
  • Long, static release process
  • Ineffective use of standups, retro’s and feedback rounds


"Worse quality of service"

  • Less stable and efficient services deployment trough passive process
  • Increased risk of errors due to smaller changes
  • Not adapting a culture of continuous improvement of the code deployed in production, thanks to not enough frequent releases allowing better integration of end-user feedback
  • Lack of code reviews

"Digital assets are expensive"

  • Cost reduction should be an outcome rather than the initial objective of Agile work
  • Increased amount of tasks instead of automating configuration management, which allows your resources to focus on more value-added activities
  • Project management and coordination costs are also a burden on your budgets

All services combined in 1 solution

In this respect, Eminent Drive is focused to tackle these issues and challenges with our Agile Analyst Service. At an initial glance digitalisation could be only a fancy word, as only less than 10% of digital initiatives have created the value expected. Eminent drive wants to become your “Companion en route“ to uncover where the real value exist for your core businesses.


Business first actions

Gather, review and detail the business requirements. Trying to understand your core business. (eg.Translate these business requirements into clear, precise and easy-to-read functional requirements.)

Agile actions

Assessing, guiding and managing your teams in your own applied frameworks and methodologies (Scrum, Agile, Waterfall, Kanban, lean) to boost operational results in the development cycle with our developed framework.

Technical actions

The technical analysis of information models & application architecture (UML)

Design & Documentation actions

Providing project management assistance via the Prince2 framework to achieve a clear documentation and design of your digital product.

Management Consulting

Providing recommendations and advise to the business owners and top management about the IT landscape to put in place to establish efficiencies

Technical Assistance

Coordinating software test, defining product prototypes and advising about the application landscape

Why is Eminent Drive different?

Eminent Drive adapts the culture of “continuous learning”. Eminent Drive is driven by your business and new technologies. Although we focus on coaching your teams and achieving results. Scrum, Kanban, Devops, test-driven development and the agile framework are taken as the cornerstone of successful software development.