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Product management

Product management encompasses a broad set of ongoing strategic responsibilities. They shouldn’t be responsible for the ground-level details of the development process.

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Product management Product management

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Product management consists of more then the day to day tasks

Coordinating Development

Coordinating development with the relevant teams, project managers, architects, development, analysts

Setting a product vision

It all starts by defining a vision and goals for the product.

Developing a strategic plan

Shaping the industry knowledge they’ve learned into a high-level strategic plan for their product—including goals and objectives, a broad-strokes overview of the product itself, and maybe a rough timeline.

Software backlog management

Managing the backlog of features in interest of the business prioritisations

Communicating Plans

Communicating the future plans, vision of the software to the internal teams

Conducting external and internal research

Being aware of internal and external developments in the market and outside

Software Product Management

Product management is an organizational function that guides every step of a product’s lifecycle: from development, to positioning and pricing, by focusing on the product and its customers first and foremost. To build the best possible product, product managers advocate for customers within the organization and make sure the voice of the market is heard and heeded.

Software Product Management

Why are consultants of eminent Drive different

We adapt the culture of “continuous learning” as we don’t have an original technical background. We are driven by your business and new technologies. Although we focus on coaching your teams and achieving results. Scrum, Kanban, Devops, test-driven development and the agile framework are taken as the cornerstone of successful software development.

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